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Military Recognition Events

Thanks to SMSgt Regie Pennington for collaborating with our school and nominating Ms. Stanley for the Employee Recognition Flight. A fellow military parent, Ssgt Tricia Shotts and Ms. Stanley had the privilege of attending a special luncheon. They also had the opportunity to fly on a C-17 alongside other military leaders and community employers. Ms. Stanley was able to catch up with a past Puckett Elementary student who works in maintenance at the 172nd Mississippi Airlift Wing, Jarrett Pennington. 

Ms. Stanley: Head Principal

Mrs. Shotts: Military Parent of Garrett Shotts


April is considered the Month of the Military Child. Check out all the support from PES!  #purpleup4militarykids  #MIC3Compact


Our 5th Grade Veterans Day Program was even more meaningful with special guest, Lt. Colonel Denise Hall. She is a Senior Health Technician, 183 AES. She has 23 years of service including Medical Service Corps Officer, Prior C-17 Pilot, Prior Enlisted Aircrew Life Support, 3 deployments, 1,000 flight hours, and full time Director of Operations in Jackson, MS.   She spoke about how she began her military career under the influence of her grandfather, and she also discussed the transitions among various military jobs in her life. 

We love our veterans and showing the impact they make on our lives. Check out this bulletin board to view a few of our PES veterans!