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Of the Month Club


Congratulations to 3rd Grade ELA Teacher, Mrs. Jennings, for being named Teacher of the Month for September. Thanks to PTO for treating our Teacher of the Month to a gift certificate. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Thompson for being named our Staff of the Month for September. Thanks to PTO for making Mrs. Thompson feel extra special with her gift certificate for lunch. 

Stella Clay Therrell earned Student of the Month for Friendship. 

Congratulations to Natalie Bass for being September of the Month in Kindergarten. 

Kamryn Stack received Student of the Month in 1st Grade. 

Congrats to Keyara Parker for being named Student of the Month in 2nd Grade. 

Liam Holland stood out in 3rd grade showing the character trait of friendship. 

Aubree Thomas constantly shows she's a good friend in her 4th grade classroom. 

Rose Peden is our 5th grade Student of the Month for September. 

Edan Rosario shines brightly as our 6th grade Student of the Month in September. 

Congratulations to Decklan Weghorst for being our Kindness Kid of the month in September! 

Congrats to Mrs. Landfair, Preschool Teacher! 

Congrats to Mrs. Boone! 

Maddyx Martin 

Skylar Bacon

Lane Lawson

Sadie Leigh Holyfield 

Brooks Morrow

Brody Stewart

Zia Fletcher

Keely Thornton

Ms. Williamson, we are proud of you.

Mrs. Becky Huff, Staff of the Month for November

Way to go, Benton!

Way to lead, Tristan!

Way to go, Jackson Smith!

Way to go, Evie girl!

Way to go, Kaine!

Bryant is always a leader at PES!

Gavin Miller always leads.

D'Ajah always shines brightly.

We are proud of you Travis!