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Of the Month Club

Check here for our PES Of the Month Club photos each month. Thanks to our amazing PTO for collaborating with us each month. Our students each receive a Puckett Elementary School souvenir cup filled with goodies, and our Teacher, Staff, and Parent of the Month each receive a Puckett Nutrition gift certificate. 

Check out our December of the Month Club! We are so proud of each of you! 

Not pictured in group picture: 

Parent of the Month: Ashlee Harrison 



Check out our November of the Month Club! We are so proud of each of them! 

Not pictured: Jaxon Orr, Christian Taylor, Avery McKinley

Staff of the Month: Mrs. Erica Boone 

Parent of the Month: Mrs. Heather Taylor

Check out our October of the Month Club. 
Not pictured: Staff of the Month: Ms. Lindsay Barrett, Custodian 

Student of the Month: Gabrielle Parker 

Check out our September of the Month Club!